Marijuana is taking the united states in strides!

Take a look at our Maryland and Missouri pages for more information: The vote is in!

More and more people are offering their opinions and the verdicts is coming back favorably. On November 8th, 2022, the people of Maryland and Missouri decided in favor of recreational legalization which in turn will also allow you to grow up to 2 plants and 18 plants, respectively.

Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota voted against legalization and there is still much work to be done.

Seeing this change in the status quo, people are preparing for the new business, products, and services! Many are already preparing logistics/supply/and distribution of new products that are in the works!

In our opinion we believe the red states now realize that if they don’t get ahead of the new industry the rest of the states will steal the market share only leaving open the low paying retail jobs to their state.

Democratic states are ahead of the game for sure, many of these states have created cultivation, distribution, and retail.

They are certainly ready to take the lead and start exporting as more and more state borders are open to this great new prospect of trade!

We also think it is worth noting, Maryland has gone from medical to voting on legalization. This is huge because they surround the Washington DC where the federally Marijuana is still being discussed.

Some other key notes from another article,

“South Dakota’s initiative is something of a do-over. Residents approved a prior marijuana referendum in 2020, but Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, challenged the result in court. The state Supreme Court invalidated the amendment last year, ruling that it violated the constitution on technical grounds. This year’s initiative was more narrowly tailored to avoid a similar outcome.

An Oklahoma group also collected enough signatures for a referendum. After protracted legal challenges, the state Supreme Court ruled that there was too little time to put the question on November’s ballot. The initiative will likely go to voters in 2024.

Ballot referendum efforts for 2023 or 2024 are also underway in Florida, Nebraska, Wyoming and Ohio.

In addition to the statewide referendums, voters in some cities around the country will decide whether to decriminalize marijuana possession laws and whether to allow licensed cannabis retailers in their areas.”

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