In this video we break down the best value entry level grow tent setup that will give you the best quality and value for the price. We mainly compare 4 different all in one kits by Spider Farmer and AC Infinity and attempt to make a better setup by piecing out individual parts. We hand selected components such as LED Grow Lights, Inline Fan Systems, Grow Tents and other grow equipment to make the ultimate setup.


New Grower Buy Guide:
UPDATE AGAIN 5/17/24: The Bestva light has been discontinued. The list has been updated to the next best thing which is the Mars Hydro FC4800 (not the E version). I have used this light in my 2023 Strain Hunt: it ends up being $135.00 more but for a 4 x 4 setup, it is still the best quality for the least when compared to the other 4 x 4 complete kits because it is a bar light with LM301B diodes which distributes light more evenly and is more efficient. Also the soil is a 2 pack which is good enough for 5 5 Gallon Pots. For further savings, just find the soil at your local Blaine’s Farm instead.

If you want amazing genetics that I personally, check out Selfie

Autoflower Grown with Bestva LED Grow Light: Yielded 7 Ounces of Dank

Scientific Journal that shows that lower temperatures in Bloom have shown to improve THC content in 4 different strains. I bring down temperatures to high 60’s or low 70’s in late bloom, which is impossible with the AC infinity S series lights:

Using coupon codes and clippable coupons we actually ended up getting the best deal in a custom setup for a 4 x 4 tent, but we find that Spider Farmers 4 x 2 All in One kit cannot be beat if you have a prime account.


    I’ve tried this link on all the sites and nothing downloads. I’m trying to purchase the exact pieces for the 4×4 pieced out setup but the link isn’t working. It’s there another way to get this list? Thanks so much

    1. You just have to be logged in, then hit refresh on the link. I have been advised that the light on Amazon is not the same so you still have to get the bestva light on their site and use the code. Let me know if that works.

      1. That worked! Thank you so much.

  2. First I want to say thank you for everything you do! Second, How often do you update the new buyers growing guide? I just looked at the 2×4 complete spider farm kit and its price has jumped pretty significantly. Now just curious if you think the piece by piece set up is the better option.

    1. pretty frequently, the spider farmer price is based on being a prime member and I have heard non prime is like $100 more. The coupon codes help too, or goto the site and buy it and use code SFHWGROW8 and see if that reduces it.

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