Everything you need to know is taught here as easy as possible and to help you get started in learning how to grow weed without all of the fluff. We also noticed that recently, almost every content creator has sold out and platforms like youtube and instagram are all controlled by a select few name brands. After posting countless reliable, unbiased reviews, we understand how the algorithm youtube uses has an agenda and the majority of channels are sponsored and incentivized to promote products that are sub par.

We will never be sponsored and anything we teach is fully documented in our journals and our experience is not simply an unboxing, but actual honest use of the products.

This site is a collaborative effort on growing and as technology improves and techniques advance, we update the content accordingly along with the products we recommend. What you will learn here is the most efficient and best products in terms of affordability and practicality in growing A grade bud in the convenience of your home. Just make sure you abide by your local laws and join us in the journey of growing.


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