Today, Im blessing you with another underfunded video in which I buy products to review and get like 20 views total. However, people who watched previous comparisons expressed their appreciation, so today, were going over the best products to magnify trichomes. Im going to show you examples of footage from several different tools and based on that, youre welcome to make your own visual decision on what you think is the best.
Phones used in this video are:
iPhone XR:
Galaxy S21 Ultra:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11730″ ref=”amzn-jarlink-2-pack-jewelers-loupe-30x-60x-90x-illuminated-jewelers-eye-loupe-magnifier-and-magnifying-glass-loop-with-uv-black-light-and-bright-led-light-for-gems-jewelry-diamond-coins-stamps-white” link_id=”2875″] [lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11622″ ref=”amzn-wireless-digital-microscope-handheld-usb-hd-inspection-camera-50x-1000x-magnification-with-stand-compatible-with-iphone-ipad-samsung-galaxy-android-mac-windows-computer” link_id=”2876″]

So let’s start off with a tool that you probably already have. You’re smart phone. Here’s raw footage of 30x zoom with the s21 ultra. I had to be on photo mode and hold down record to get this footage because Samsung is throttling functions so I’m forced to buy the s22.

Now, here is max zoom raw footage with an iphone XR.

Heres footage of the small jarlink jewelry loupe,

Heres footage of the large jarlink jewelry loupe,

Now here’s a digital microscope by Takmly. As you could see, the depth of field is super narrow. It is hard to get steady footage even if you turn the fans off.

Now here’s a curveball, here’s footage of trichomes using those viral earwax microscopes.

ok ok ok, lets get fancy now, lets combine an s21 with the larger jewelers loupe by jarlink

Now lets do S21 with the small jewelers loupe by jarlink

Large jewelers loupe with iphone

Small jewelers loupe with iphone

so there you have it, ultimately, the more you magnify, the harder it is to get a clear image because you have a shorter area where the image is in focus. I just want to see the color of the trichomes and you could get away with just your smartphone. It doesn’t have as much show off value though, so depending on the footage in this video, make the decision yourself.

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