Internal fans have benefits at every step of the plant life. As sproutlings, wind may cause the young plants to topple over and to resist falling, plants grow a stronger and wider base. A light breeze is recommended at this age and I usually use just one internal fan during this period but I never aim it directly at the plants. Just enough to see the leaves vibrate. During the vegetative phase, this same concept applies for all the stems throughout the plant but the main benefit is to circulate air so that C02 and humidity is distributed evenly.

The internal fans should be aimed at spots where you feel like air flow is stagnant. Again, the aim is to see all of your leaves vibrate. Now for the bloom or flowering phase, wind is especially important for bud yields. This is because in nature they need buds.

Cannabis plants pollinate with wind instead of bees so in order for female plants to catch pollen. Keeping a slight breeze on the top of all plants will help induce strong bud growth. Again, too much air is no good and may dry your plants, so just keep it simple. Don’t place the fan too close to the plants and just make it so the leaves look like they’re vibrating, not flapping.

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Now, not all fans are created equally, and I’m gonna review and compare 4 different internal fans. My review is based on my experience with a 3 x 3 grow tent so don’t think these fans will work for larger grow setups.

My grow tent:

First up, we got the genesis 6 inch fan. Genesis Fan:

This is by far the most popular small fan on amazon and its priced at 15 bucks. What I like is the wind speed and the ability for you to aim it at almost any direction. The problem is, you can barely mount this on the side poles. If you do, it severely limits the direction you can point it at. I had it fall off a couple of times so the only place you can really mount it to aim it wherever is the ceiling. There no denying why this fan is the most popular.

Next is the tiannorth. Tainnorth fan (WACK):
What I like is the size of the fan. The wind speed does not measure up to the size of the fan. Basically, it is not more powerful than any fan on this list.

This fan mounts with a clip making it impossible to clip to onto the side poles. It is worse than the genesis because it clips flat instead of at an angle. The only place you can clip this is on the ceiling and it has full range, but the speed is just to slow. Its also supposed to oscillate and never did. I’d say again, you get what you pay for and this is the worst out of the lot.

Third is the NTR portable and this fan is available all over amazon under different names. NTR Orange Fan:
The fan speed is great and you have a dial that lets you control the exact speed. It feels more heavy duty than the other fans, but the only way you can mount this is to a pole on the top of your grow tent using the pull out hook. Its also comes with a LED light with 3 intensities. This has a 10000 m amp hour rechargeable battery, so it could be used as a portable fan as well. As for the price, it’s the most expensive and when compared side by side with the Genesis, I would say the Genesis is better because its half the price, does the same job and I don’t really need the light.

Last and my favorite is this Towkka Portable fan. Favorite Towkka Fan:

It’s the smallest fan out of the lot as far as diameter goes, but it still does a really good job at blowing air. What’s great about this is that it could be hung on any pole above, plus it comes with a bendable mount that you can wrap onto the front side pole. As if mount ability isn’t good enough, this could also bepointed up or down and it oscillates as well. It also comes with an LED light with 3 modes, 5000 mAH rechargeable battery and costs only 20 bucks. It basically has all the functionality of all the other fans in one small package.

Its also worth noting that for all of these fans, yours going to need an extension and the only one that isn’t USB powered is the Genesis.

USB Extension:

That’s my take on internal fans and again this video is not sponsored. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more reviews and for tips and tricks on how to grow weed, check out our other videos or our site

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