Weed Tolerance Real or Myth

Weed tolerance is definitely true. NOT A MYTH. I don’t care how well you say you handle weed. Tolerance is a real thing and you need to be educated, otherwise you could be wasting some weed!

The simple truth is that the more THC attaches CB1 receptors in the brain and the more that connection is made while consuming cannabis, the less and less effective the “high” produced as an effect.

The presence of THC in your system will cause these CB1 receptors to activate and cause the stoned feeling you normally get when you smoke cannabis. The presence of CBD will also increase this activation marginally but does not have a tolerance buildup compared to THC.

These active receptors will not cause damage to your nervous system or brain function. The tolerance you build can almost always be removed or reduced by going on a T-Break or Tea Break or Tolerance Break.

Why should this matter for you? Why should I care about resetting tolerance.\?

Easy: the lower the tolerance the more bud you save for a rainy day!

A T-Break is basically the halt of consumption of cannabis/marijuana for a maximum of two weeks to completely reset tolerance.

The basic rule of thumb is:

-If you smoke every day you might need 1-2 weeks to reset completely.

-If you smoke 3-4 times a week about a week or less to reset completely.

-If you smoke 1-2 times a week should only take a couple days 4-5 days maximum.

Fun Fact. Tolerance is also linked to drug tests. These tolerance break wait lengths are also useful for the time required to pass a drug test (since the last time you smoked weed).

There are also more aggressive methods for resetting tolerance and also preparing for a drug test.

This is a flushing product, you consume these types of detox drinks and within a day or two you have 0% THC in your system.

(the poor mans version is a heap of horse-radish in a cranberry juice cocktail… very gross but effective… we’ve tried it…)

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Some people opt for detox pills that can take 5-10 days minimum.

Not to Mention these are usually more expensive.

Though these solutions are great for removing the cannabinoids active in your body and fat tissue, these do not prepare against the slight psychological dependence and cravings you will experience. You need a couple days even weeks to remove the slight psychological dependence and cravings. This is easier if you have a strong will of mind.

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