I bought this ViparSpectra KS3000 off the strength of other youtuber reviews and I am absolutely baffled. Either they were sent different versions of this light that are clearly more powerful or I got a dud. I was expecting so much from this light and once I unboxed this light, the style and design made me expect nothing but the best. It has LM301H diodes, lots of them. OSRAM infrared and the spread of this bar light almost borders the tent perfectly which makes it a perfect candidate for perfect light distribution. However, this utterly disappoints according to measurements taken with the photone app which I have used in other light tests on this channel. After receiving this light, I checked the other reviews and it seems to be consistently poor performance. I dont understand how these youtubers were getting these readings when I have other lights that I cross referenced appropriately. This light is absolutely terrible based on my readings and I feel sick to my stomach because at one point, I was recommending it to people because of the “tests” done on youtube. Never again. I promise. Only things that I actually used moving forward. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYTHING THAT I HAVE NOT TESTED MYSELF EVER AGAIN!!!!

Repeat 30x

Now I am not sponsored at all but companies send me free stuff all the time. I got this light for free but no contracts were signed and I blatantly tell all companies to send products but regardless of it being free, Im reviewing this as if I purchased it and factoring in price and being objective. With that said, this light sucks. ROYALLY. If this is how your light performed too, leave a comment. It appears other reviewers on Amazon feel the same.


  1. I am thoroughly dissapointed also purchased a KS2500 and presonally contacted Viparspectra and told them that the operating instructions are conclicting. I did exactly what they said and i’m throwing away plants again. This light is set at 30 inches on 25 percent.

    1. Yeah. It’s such a shame that people are saying this light is good. It’s terrible. Sorry you had to experience it but I warned people and everyone came and tried to slander me saying I have crap tools

  2. I have the XS4000 and it is doing quite well. I used Photone with just a piece of paper over the lens on free mode, not set to full spectrum LED. I get close to what is stated in the manual for PPFD.

    1. thats what they replaced my KS light with when I returned it, it has much better light intensity. They went backwards with the bar lights.

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