Germinating cannabis seeds is fairly easy as long as you understand the main principles for sprouting. Weed seeds contain all the nutrients they need inside their cotyledons, so you do not need to feed them anything besides water for the first two week. They can even sprout in completely inert mediums such as coco coir or rockwool but for the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to show you the best way to plant your marijuana seeds directly in soil.The 7 main factors are:

Sterility – Soil can have microbes, both good or bad and a lot of prepackaged potting soil is not intended for sproutlings. It is important to have clean soil so if you feel like the soil is dirty (you can usually smell it and know), treating a cup of it with hydrogen peroxide infused water (2ml per cup) will help sterilize the dirt.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Get it at the dollar store, but if you cant:

Moisture – The ideal moisture level is a ratio of five parts in volume of soil to one part water. for instance 500ml of soil in volume to 100ml of water.

pH – or power of Hydrogen. This will tell you how acidic of basic the soil is and sproutling need a slightly acidic pH for the best nutrient uptake. It is best to perform a slurry test to measure the pH and modify it using pH up or down to bring it around a 5.8 pH.

Heat – The best temperature for germination is 85 degrees, you can use a seedling heat mat.

Humidity – As with moisture of the soil, containing the humidity at high levels also greatly improves the probability of successful germination. A humidity dome can be as simple as an upside down bottle, or a complete seed starting kit.

Lighting – You want 18-24 hour of low lighting and the best ppfd level is around 150-200 ppfd for sproutlings. To measure this, you can watch this tutorial and download the app photone:

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