Re-vegging is a technique you can use to turn your plants back to vegetative phase.

Even when they started flowering and creating buds!

It only works with photo-period regular non auto-flowers. All you need to do is change the light cycle back to 24 hours a day for about 4 weeks.

To turn weed back from flowering to vegetative phase is relatively easy.

All you have to do is switch the light cycle to 24 hours of light for about 4 weeks.

Then gradually drop it down as you please.

New leaves will start growing out of the colas that look like basil leaves. Instead of having 5-7 leaves per fan leaf, they will have 1 – 3 .

These leaves wont look like marijuana leaves at all and have smooth edges and look soft. This is part of the process of the plant turning back into veg and eventually, new leaves will grow out that look like traditional leaves, but it usually takes about 4 weeks.

A trick for speeding up this transition is to completely cut off the colas.

Since leaves will no longer grow out of the colas, new branches will grow from the cut site and the new leaves that grow in them will look like marijuana. This method also doubles as a top, so your plant will grow wider as a bonus.

Now here’s the reference for data I used to prove the benefits of cutting off colas before re-vegging.

All of these plants are clones from a flowering female. (all re-vegged) The three Pringles clones had their colas cut off immediately, where as the 3 plastic pot clones did not have the colas cut and you can notice significantly more basil like leaves on them. Cutting the colas definitely sped up the process of revegging by a couple of weeks and it also doubles as a top so that your plants end up wider. I decided to cut the remaining cola on this lant in the front 3 weeks into reveg and you could see, it is beneficial even then.

Cloning from re-vegged plants is known as monster cropping.

Highly stressed plants are speculated to yield more marijuana.

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