If you check my previous video, I received a cracked weed seed. I then attempt to grow it in this video.

Broken seeds are rare but you get them sometimes. Just like any other plants, marijuana is affected by the quality of the seeds.

I talked to a bunch of growmies and the majority of them said it’s a dud and it will not germinate or sprout, but I did get some responses stating “you’ll only know for sure by planting them”. So let’s see what happens.

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Not to gas myself up, but when it comes to sprouting, I am at 100% success rate in the past couple of years . All I do is fill a cup of water halfway, add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide, drop the seeds in and cover the top with foil to block out light.

Then I place this cup in a warm spot and check on them every day.

Literally, the next day, both seeds sprouted. I was extremely excited and on the verge of revising my review, but then I planted the sprout-lings in some rapid rooters.

The good seed, started growing up immediately and within a couple of days it was already an inch tall, but the cracked seed didn’t develop at all.

I monitored the moistness on both rapid rooters and a couple of days later, the good seed reached the top of the humidity dome, so I decided to put a bootleg cover on, which is basically a cut bottle. 2 weeks later and it’s safe to say the cracked seed is not growing and I broke open the rapid rooter to observe the seed and its obvious that though the seed sprouted, it just couldn’t make it past pushing through the seed and it rotted.

The conclusion is that cracked seeds are clearly less viable and I’m sure there are instances of seeds successfully growing, but this is proof. It didn’t work and my frustration towards the vendor was valid and if this happens to you, send them a link to this video like I did. Again, Bleep seedsherenow.com

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