Fox farm and General hydroponics both make one of the easiest sets of nutrients to grow plants from seed to harvest. The problem is both of them have flaws in the NPK ratios which is a ratio that establishes the percentage of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and potassium that are in the bottle. They are primary elements that a plant needs in order to grow and secondary elements, such as calcium and magnesium need to be added to the Fox farm trio, but not as much in the general hydroponic trio. Both of the trios have flaws so to say one of them is clearly better would be a mistake. Ultimately, the best thing I would do is to just choose Flora Micro and Flora Bloom and use the money saved to buy Calmag or TPS Silica. We have a ton of proven grows on our discord community and although both of the trios have been proven out, our crowd sourced data shows that the General Hydroponics trio has proven itself over with more consistent harvests.

Products we recommend:

General Hydroponics Flora Micro:
General Hydroponics Flora Bloom:
You can use F Micro and F Bloom exclusively for a whole grow!!!
TPS Silica (Strengthens stems and lets plants deal with extreme temps)
TPS Signal (Signals bloom, a K booster with Magnesium and Sulfur)

Products Featured in this video:

HWG’s Feed Schedules:
General Hydroponics:
Fox Farms:

Tutorial on how to use charts:

Disclaimer: I am NOT sponsored by ANY nutrient company. I only recommend what I experience to be the best. FYI Fox Farms Dirty Dozen is a waste of money.

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