Small tent?? Install your fan outside the tent and save space.

Did you know you can install an Ac infinity, Vivosun or mars hydro inline fan in your grow tent setup OUTSIDE your tent?? This video will show you how with step by step instructions on how. With this setup, you will save space allowing more room for plants and also be able to raise your lights all the way to the top. It’s actually much easier then hanging.

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If you have a small tent and want to save the space inside it, consider placing the carbon filter and the inline fan outside of the tent. This method is actually much easier than to hang. This method too serves the same purpose of supplying carbon dioxide while filtering out the smell. It works the same exact way as inside, but it will leave you more space to bring your lights higher, or to have more plants along the floor.

To do it is pretty easy, place your carbon filter on the floor and remove the dust filter from the outside and wrap the inside of the filter. Then place the fan on top so that the air is blowing into the carbon filter, a easy way to tell is to have the arrow pointing toward the carbon filter(or down). Then you want to add the duct on the other side of the fan. I would recommend completely dealing this side with some aluminum tape.

The connection between the carbon filter and inline fan is usually snug enough so that you don’t need to add tape on that side. Now place this setup outside of the tent, close enough so that the duct reaches a ventilation hole. You are picking the hole depending on the temperature of your tent inside when the lights are on.

If the temperature is over 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius, place the duct in a vent through the top and open a vent on the bottom. If the temperature is less than 78 degrees, place the duct through a vent on the bottom and open a vent on the top. Air will get sucked out of the tent through the carbon filter and sucked in through the open vent. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and check out our other videos for more tips and trick on how to grow weed.

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  1. Hey I put my exhaust at the bottom and opened a vent at the top but will this cause light leaks or pest for my tent ?

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