Adult residents aged 18 or older may only grow weed at home if they have a state issued medical marijuana license. They are allowed up to 6 mature plants and 6 seedling plants.

63 O.S. § 420A, Medical Marijuana – License – Application – Records – Requirements – Caregiver
License – Counties and Cities
A. A person in possession of a state issued medical marijuana license shall be able to:

  1. Consume marijuana legally;
  2. Legally possess up to three (3) ounces of marijuana on their person;
  3. Legally possess six (6) mature marijuana plants;
  4. Legally possess six (6) seedling plants;
  5. Legally possess one (1) ounce of concentrated marijuana;
  6. Legally possess seventy-two (72) ounces of edible marijuana; and
  7. Legally possess up to eight (8) ounces of marijuana in their residence

For a patient to get a license, Oklahomans age 18 and older must obtain a signed Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form . Oklahomans under the age of 18 must get two physicians’ signatures. This must be documented on the Minor Patient Physician Recommendation Form.

For non medical marijuana licensed residents, the penalties are as follows:

Cultivating up to 1,000 plants is a felony, punishable by a maximum $25,000 fine and between 20 years and life imprisonment. Cultivation of more than 1,000 plants is punishable of a fine up to $50,000 and between 20 years and life imprisonment.

Cultivation of marijuana by the owner of land is a felony punishable by a term of imprisonment between 2 years and life and a fine up to 50,000.

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