“LM301B & Meanwell Drivers”

As seen in my best LED grow lights videos, I claim that all lights are pretty much the same as long as the drivers are good and they have either LM301B or LM301H diodes.

This generic Pandvillow light does not disappoint and the light readings are super high and way more than necessary.

The issue is the poor light distribution and since the LED’s are spaced out evenly, the light is extremely intense in the center and really drops down significantly as you get further out. It’s still and extremely powerful light for the price.

Pandvillow Light

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11788″ ref=”amzn-led-grow-lights-400w-grow-lights-6x6ft-coverage-full-spectrum-use-mean-well-driver-and-dimmableindoor-plants-seedling-veg-flower-growing-lamps-952pcs-by-pandvillow” link_id=”2929″ title=”hide”]

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