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Synthetic nutrients can have a chemical reaction that may cancel out their benefits when mixed with others. This reaction can render nutrients obsolete due to it no longer being water soluble or incapable of being consumed by your plants. In this video, we show you exactly what happens when you mix in nutrients in the wrong order. The proper order is usually based on pH and you want to start mixing in nutrients in order of pHs that are highest (basic) to lowest. Never mix pH up and down together and you always want to dilute them in water before mixing them into your nutrient solution or you may have the same issues.

By understanding your mix order, you are ensuring that you are not simply wasting any nutrients. Always mix Silica first, then cal mag, then higher level pH nutrients, then sweeteners, then everything else. Then pH balance it with diluted pH Up or pH Down.

Some notable higher pH nutrients are:



  1. Very important details .. such as No H2O2 if using innoculants. I appreciate your frequent feed chart updates !

    1. Always updating and improving for my quest for the best

  2. Great information and instruction from one of the best growers on the web. Keep up the great work and the AMAZING content!

  3. How about the following
    – Base water in Rez. Using a nipple directly add PH down to desired PH. Mix well.
    – Add Silica directly into Rez. Leave 24hrs.
    – Add Nute ‘A’ directly into Rez. Stir. Wait half a.
    Add Nute ‘B’ directly into rez. STIRM Wait halfa
    – Add any root stim / pk boosta depending on stage, directly into rez , stir. Wait.
    – Adjust ph to desired levels directly into solution. Mix Wait.
    Can you see any issue with this like chemical reaction wise?

    1. since you have to ph balance it again to your desired target at the end, your first step isn’t really necessary. You should always dilute the ph up or down before you mix it in.

  4. What do you suggest when you’re using powder forms of cal/mag or crystal based pH Up and down (Earth Juice Crystals). I’d imagine my PPM readings would increase with those being dissolvable and all.

  5. Hello folks I just found this channel and I like it. So straight in with a question.
    I switched to coco 3 years ago and in mixing my nutrients I follow a schedule I read in coco for cannabis the book.
    I use plagron nuits mainly but add humic and microbial additives etc.
    My problem us my end EC is always higher than plagrons recommended one, so I’ve to dilute down to get the EC right which bugs me because I’m diluting the mix.
    For example at end of flowering I should be at 2.4 EC but if I mix according to plagron a get like 2.8 so I’ve got to dilute
    Is this a thing that happens other growers?
    Thanks Willie

    1. It could be your tap is adding ppm off the bat.

      Also, make sure you shake your nutrient bottles before adding it to your mix. Sometimes concentrates get thicker on the top or bottom.

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