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UPDATE 2/25/2023: The channel is back and there’s an arbitration going on so I can’t say much. I will release a video expressing my opinions on how YouTube defines “harmful and dangerous” and also clarify my stance on it’s use.

It’s been an extremely rough week for me and despite this crazy blow, this is nothing compared to stuff I had to deal with this week IRL. I have a family in good health, so I’ll count my blessings. I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me in my journey to teach others how to grow Medicine at home. This is what it is, Medicine. I share this with you in confidence so that you can understand my motives and hopefully we as a world can change the tides on the stance on marijuana laws and how corporations such as google demonetize and demonize channels like mine that gives power to people – who don’t want to conform to the corporate greed of dispensaries and the government’s obvious agenda to profit and collect tax revenue.

Before legalization in my state, I had a medical marijuana card because I was diagnosed with an abnormal growth in my spine that gives me a wide array of pain, EVERY SINGLE SECOND of my waking life. I’ve been to countless pain management specialists, neurologists, massage therapists, chiropractors and even resorted to unconventional forms of therapy such as cupping and acupuncture. Given my age, they advised me against surgery because they would literally fuse two of my discs together which would severely limit my mobility. Any operation or treatment I did resulted in symptoms that worsened and each unsuccessful procedure just lowered my morale with life in general. As I type this, I have a headache which feels like a migraine, but it’s not because of what just happened with YouTube. This is how I feel all the time if I’m not medicated, but you would never know it because I have learned to live with it and conceal it. Due to this pain, I can’t sleep because it’s hard for me to find a comfortable position. Insomnia continues to add to my downward spiral of health because the lack of sleep does not give my body the chance to recover. If you see me online at god forsaken hours and still up early in the morning, it’s because of my condition. One of the ONLY things that helps with pain relief and insomnia, is…… you guessed it, cannabis. This is a gift from nature.

This is my actual spine, No, it’s not cancer, but I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.

I only wanted to share my experiences on why this is NOT a drug and how corporations seem to pick & choose when it’s still a narcotic when it goes against their agenda. Unfortunately, the wave of resistance has proven to be overwhelming and biased. I only speak my truth which is not sponsored and will never be. I still don’t understand where these accusations stem from. I HAVE NEVER LINKED TO ANYTHING ILLEGAL OR ENDORSED IT and you could see a whole section on this site that emphasizes where you can legally grow. Disclaimers appear in the beginning of all my grow related videos despite not needing to do so on this site which has age verification checks in place. I agree with YouTube’s attempt to keep content safe from minors but they seem to constantly flag content inappropriately and use their vague community guidelines as an excuse for biased censorship. For YouTube, I guess it’s “guilty with never having a chance to prove innocence” because my appeals are automatically rejected(3 minutes, like clockwork). The only thing I can think of on why they chose to single me out and ban my content is that I was against the common narrative of sucking their advertisers d***s unlike the majority of their content creators.

I have spent years writing, editing and sharing my knowledge because I was sick of overpaying for poor quality buds and I figured others were too. I will continue learning and sharing, but from now on, it will be exclusive to this website. If you made it this far in reading this, thank you for your time and I only ask that if you want to give back, spread the word and share direct links to this site. Utilize the search bar on the top right because there’s probably a full video on whatever subject you need help on. In the upcoming weeks, there will be a lot of updates here and it will be my main source of content in the future.

Thank you all. HWG


  1. I just got to know your channel recently, I can only imagine how upsetting it is for you to receive these bad news. Keep going with your content! Repost your old videos somewhere. I’ll for sure stay up to date on this website. Thanks for everything, don’t give up, and wish the best for you and your family in these dire times. Have a good year.

    1. Thanks bro, yeah. It really hurt me at first, but the agenda is real. I’m even more charged now

      1. That’s what’s up… 💪🏾

      2. I had the same issue with youtube a year ago , i am now on Rumble. Way better!!

  2. Loved the channel bro it helped out a lot especially the diy auto curing container vid

    1. thanks man, itll be back when everything is fully legalized and they cant claim Im dangerous

  3. We were broken hearted when your youtube account was closed. Love your videos and they are so helpful to us. We’ve followed your advice on 60/ 60. And looking good so far!
    Thank you for the entertainment as well.

  4. I was doing a search on growing and came across your videos on YouTube. Thank you for providing great entertainment as well as valuable advice for us newbies. Very new to growing and have just about finished drying.
    Pity there is no medicinal cannibas channel anywhere! That would be so helpful to us to alleviate arthritis pain and sciatica.
    Keep smiling buddy!

  5. I just started following a month ago and am very upset you are off the platform (YouTube). It was your vids that helped me narrow in on a light for my tent (MARS HYDRO FC-E4800/4×4 Tent). I will still follow here and on Discord and any one I meet around New Mexico looking for info I will send your way.

  6. They are out of order for this one. You have done nothing but help multiple people get access to their own medicine!

  7. This is crushing understandably. All the hours spent on video production, documenting, studies, etc etc. I had a YouTube account many years ago early on. I had videos with over a million views. I think 2.3 million was the highest. Had over 100 videos uploaded. I lost all of that. YouTube banned my account and I couldn’t do anything about it. It was frustrating because I couldn’t get any answers. I never did either. I let it go and never went back to it ever again. So I feel some of what you are going through for sure. Regardless of all that, thank you very much for all your educational content. I find it absolutely ridiculous. If you just examine the history of cannabis and the uses of cannabis for thousands of years. It is undeniable that the government has tried to hide this plant from everyone, demonize it, and so forth. Blatant misinformation/disinformation campaigns, flat out lies and everything else. I could go on for hours but anyhow. Thank you and much love and we are still here.

    1. wow, sorry had to go through that too. To think, this was all because a media mogul didnt want to convert his printing press to hemp. He’s the same POS that tried to underpay Newsies.

      This whole legalization process is just going to continue to be delayed until the government figures out a way to monetize nature.

  8. Hey whats up man, a newcomer onboard! 🙂 Im really happy that ive found your resource, your explanations are just clean and subtle. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
    Weed is a nature’s gift for sure, it turns off my insomnia like nothing. I was skeptical towards it most of my life, but now i know its true value and thanks to you i can now grow it at ease.

    1. it’s a gift for sure, It’s a shame what they paint this plant as. Nature is beautiful

  9. I guess they’d rather us get our medicine from the black market so that they can continue to incarcerate us.

    1. thats definitely part of the agenda.

  10. Hey there, I just saw your video about chlorimine. We lost a few plants. Without knowing. Our local council is using this to disinfect our water supply, so now we know and will be buying the appropriate filters.
    Thank you so much for this!!!!!

  11. Hey, love the content!! I have a question for you? I’ve joined the discord and the website but I still can’t see the tutorial on Juices! Am I missing something?

    1. Log in and hit f5 or refresh.

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