Now for another episode of “wasting money” to prove a point, I present to you, A $6 light meter app(Photone) vs a $600 dollar NASA approved light meter(Apogee MQ-500)!!!!!!!

Here we go. If you follow any of my guides, youll see I have recommended light intensities all throughout different stages of growth and this is extremely important for optimal growth. Making sure that these levels are right, start with the tools you use to measure them and a lot of people clown me when I recommend a light meter app. So here it, objectively take a look at the data. Now Ive researched this app thoroughly, even made my own tutorial on how to use it and if your using iOS, you will need to make a paper diffuser and what I discovered is that paper type actually makes a difference. If youre fortunate enough to have android, believe it or not, the beta version is actually more accurate than the ios version and it’s completely free.

0:00 Introduction to the Importance of Accurate Light Readings
1:14 Experimental Controls for Comparable Readings
2:27 Minimal Power Testing ~5%
2:52 50% Power Testing
3:16 100% Power Testing
3:41 The Results of the Testing

Photone App:
Apogee MQ-500:
Unboxing MQ-500 and How to Use

Unboxing the 2023 SPider Farmer SF2000:
Spider Farmer SF2000:
Amazon Discount Code: SFHWGROW

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Anyhow, These are my controls. I have a 3 x 3 tent and my favorite light of all time A spider Farmer SF2000 placed on the center, exactly 2 feet up. On the floor I have a spot marked for where I will be measuring the light intensity using a Apogee MQ-500, A Samsung S22 Ultra using photone, an iPhone 14 pro using photone with Walmart Paper, Staples Paper, Epson Paper and for shits and giggles, IRS paper. All these devices had the app updated and no calibrations were made on any of the devices. To make sure the readings are taken equidistant, I have this Govee box that lets the phone take a reading at the same height as the apogee probe so we can fairly compare.

In conclusion, the Photone app is the cheapest and best solution for measuring light intensity on iphones and android phones and is a practical way for accurately measuring light intensity for home gardening and indoor cultivation.

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  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve just saved a lot of folks a lot of money. Lord knows I’d be willing to spend it if I thought it would help improve the quality of my crop. Good lookin out bro.

    1. anytime, hows your grow going?

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