STS is used to make feminized seeds or selfie seeds in which a female is forced to produce pollen through the inhibition of ethylene induced by a chemical reaction to silver thiosulfate.

In this video we show you how to make this spray in the most cost effective way (yes it is more expensive in the beginning, but you can literally make over 13 gallons of this solution or 166 bottles just like this one made in this video.

That’s like 30 cents a bottle!!!!!

STS pollen differs from hermaphrodite pollen in that this “forced” pollen does not create plants that are more susceptible to becoming hermaphrodites themselves.

This basically renders males useless if you are a breeder and personally, I prefer feminized seeds anyway.

You can use the feminized pollen to have a female plant pollenate itself and create selfie seeds which is basically the closest thing you can get to a clone in seed form.

All of the phenotypes present in the mother plant will be observed in the offspring unless a hidden recessive gene pairs up.

Link to Hermie Mix Recipe Generator

So what you’ll need is: (last item is a premade solution)

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