Marijuana weed and cannabis seeds can get pricey so making sure you germinate them in the best way possible is required. Fortunately, they are some of the easiest to germinate and force into sprouting. We have gone through countless tweaks and modifications and despite the evolution of our methods, this is still the best way to germinate seeds.

Rapid Rooters
Seed Tray

1. Seeds
2. Water
3. Hydrogen Peroxide(Secret Sauce)
4. Rapid rooters
5. Seed Starter Tray
6. Spray Bottle

STEP 1: Add a squirt of hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of water
STEP 2: Dunk and squeeze rapid rooters thoroughly, Squeeze half the water out
STEP 3: Plant Seeds in the hole, butthole up
STEP 4: Plug it with a torn corner
STEP 5: Place them in a seed starter tray, spray the lid and seal
STEP 6: Cover and place in a warm room with 24 hours lighting.

This is by far the best method I use after generations of sprouting and came out as one of the best ways of sprouting in a 7 way comparison.

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