One of the most popular hydroponic systems on the market today is the Spider Farmer G12 hydroponic system. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up and install the Spider Farmer G12 hydroponic system which we believe is better than the Aerogarden Harvest because it has a 6 liter capacity instead of 2.4, has 12 pods instead of 6 and has led lights that go up to 24 watts. The price is also about $15 less, so if you are growing small herb plants such as basil, parsley or cilantro, this is definitely more for less.

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The Spider Farmer® Smart G12 Indoor Hydroponic Grow System allows you to sprout 12 plants and it includes everything you see here. The system works using a fountain that drops water in the reservoir creating bubbles which allows oxygen back into the roots. Oxygen is essential for plants and this fountain also doubles in mixing the provided nutrients and preventing stagnant water. The quality is up to my standards and what’s cool is that the reservoir is not attached to the base so you can easily remove it without having to detach anything. Theres a orange lid on the side that also allows you to easily replenish water and nutrients. LEDs are the most efficient lights and by including several different diodes, you can choose 2 different spectrums of lighting. The 2 modes you can choose are vegetative which has more blue lights and flowering which has more red. Each mode allows you to choose 6 different levels of light intensity. You can also extend the light vertically from 6 inches to twelve inches. Assembling this was self explanatory. Put the T on the fountain, and place the light stand so the dotted side is on the bottom. The tightening dial should be facing towards the back. Other than that, it’s pretty much plug and play. You can also set the number of hours you want the lights on and off and it’s a practical solution to small indoor grows. Things I noticed is that the lid snaps in so you want to make sure to hear a click or else the top won’t be secure. You can remove the light from the top of the stand but youll need a pin to push the bump out in to release the light. The timer starts as soon as the system turns on so you want to turn it on when you want your day cycle to start. The best tip I can give with growing hydroponics is to research the optimal pH and NPK ratios for each vegetable and start with light levels of nutrients and work your way up. If growing multiple plants, try to find the average of them all.


Spider Farmer Hydroponics Growing System


In every aspect, this hydroponic system dominates the AeroGarden Harvest and is more affordable.


  1. why can’t I see your grow with me videos? I used to be able to watch them and they were really informative and entertaining.

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