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UPDATE 2/19/2024: It appears that the breezome has been updated to a POS downgrade. The model I have worked for me but I have gotten NUMEROUS people telling me the version they have is turd dookie in snow now. I’m no longer endorsing it and unfortunately, the only way to properly ensure a low humidity is expensive and at the moment, this is what I am currently using in my lung room and it has been seen in several of my latest videos and has verified reviews:

It’s big so unless you have a really large tent, you need to place it in your lung room and modify your inline fan to suck dehumidified air into your tent to bring the levels down.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Humidity is a factor that is important when it comes to flowering and bloom and making sure that you have the appropriate levels dialed in will greatly effect your harvest, quality and yield. In order to reduce humidity and the risk of bud rot, a dehumidifier is recommended during the late stages of flowering and in this video, we compare 4 different dehumidifiers that you can place directly inside your grow tent. There are pros and cons of each and we compare them to tell you which one we think is the best.

0:17 Pro Breeze Dehumidifier (Too Small for a grow tent) ProBreeze Dehumidifiers for Home, 225 sq ft Mini Dehumidifier, Compact Portable 17oz Capacity for High Humidity in Home, RV, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Kitchen, Laundry or Closet

0:53 VANSU High-Efficiency 136oz Dehumidifier for Home, 4000ml Water Tank Capacity, 5300 Cubic Feet ft Portable Quiet Small Dehumidifier with Auto-Off for Basements, Large & Medium Sized Rooms, and Bathrooms:

1:46 DISCONTINUED TABYIK/SANVINDER Dehumidifiers 78OZ (2300ml)
Small Dehumidifier for Bedroom, with 3 Working Modes and 48H Timer for 450 sq ft Home, Portable Dehumidifier Quiet with Auto Shut Off and Auto Defrost for Bathroom, RV, Closet

2:35 Breezome Dehumidifier, the best and favorite:
for Basement 600 ft² Large Room with Humidity Control, 108oz Energy-Saving Dehumidifiers with 3 Modes 48H Timer for Bedroom Home, Auto-off Auto Defrost Protection

For our recommendation on the best grow tent HUMIDIFIER, check out this review and comparison:

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