Now, I heard coco coir is just as hard as hydroponics…

and if you watched my hydro series, you’ll see that despite all the headaches, the yields were amazing so I wanted to put soil up against coco in this series. To make everything easier, I will semi automate the feeding with some halos and a separate reservoir that I will be mixing my feed in. I will be using Dr. MJ. coco from Coco for Cannabis’s grow guide and feed schedule. I will use Gorilla coco that was pre buffered twice with calimagic and amended with perlite exactly as his guide suggests. His teachings have consistently come up in forums and I wanted to test out once and for all.

Dr. MJ Coco Fan: 0:00
Mix and Preparation: 0:37
Price Analysis: 1:53
Quick Nutrient Analysis: 2:58
Lab Analysis on BEAST MODE: 6:15

Price wise, just to get the pots started cost $6 per 5 gallon pot. Where it gets complicated is the nutrient usage and I will estimate the cost at the end of the grow by keeping a journal of all the amounts I used, if I had to guess based on the feed schedule on coco for cannabis, I’d say if it’s anything like hydro, it would be $20 of nutrients for each 5 gallon pot which is still a very cost effective $26.00 a pot. The total of all the nutrients and supplies I purchased for this grow is $213.00 which has enough supplies for 7 5 gallon pots. A full price breakdown can be seen in the description and it’s probably cheaper to get all this stuff at your local Hydroponics store but if you want to save on gas, check the links in the description.

Coco Coir $24
10 lbs brick, used 1/7th the total so $3.42
CalMag $17
1 quart, used 30 ml which is approximately 1/30th or 56 cents
Perlite: $9
Used 1/4th or $2.25
Paint Strainer Bag

Now this is where it gets complicated:

Silica $24
Flora Trio General Hydroponics $35
Kool Bloom General Hydroponics $20
Diamond Nectar General Hydroponics $20
Raw Yucca $22
Ph Up and Down
Rapidstart $22

Coco noir is basically inert so all of the nutrients will be coming from the synthetic nutrients added. Live nutrient analysis in the video but the final NPKs on his whole feed chart is:

  • First 6 days – 11-95 – 6.1 – 9.75 7
  • to 14 days – 21.75 – 11.25 – 27.15
  • 15-20 days – 22 – 13.5 – 32.25
  • 21-flip – 22.25 – 14 – 32.3
  • flip to pistils – 20 – 16.5 – 34.25
  • 2 weeks – 18.5 – 24 – 35.5
  • 2 weeks – 14.25 – 33.5 – 41.75
  • 1 week – 14.25 – 60 – 62.25
  • 1 week – 14.25 – 80 – 80.25
  • 1 week – 6.25 – 70 – 67

Its fine to have a lot of K in bloom, but absolutely not necessary in VEG the way this feed schedule lists. One of the main reasons why it’s not recommended is because it conflicts with calcium and that may cause lockout. Flora Gro would be the easiest thing to remove in this feed schedule to vastly improve the ratios to more optimal amounts. NOTE: I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS HAVING TOO MUCH K

This mix will be used in our Meta Soil Project which is a series of episodes that documents 6 different soil mediums grown side by side to see which ones produces the best quality.


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