Lets say your done harvesting or your plants die. You’re left with a fabric pot full of soil thats really pointless to waste. Soil is one of the most expensive aspects of growing and I assure you, I have used the same soil for multiple generations and I’ll show you what I do.

I use an 18 gallon tub and you could get these at target for like 12 bucks. Place your used fabric pot in this tub and flip it upside down.

Then push it or punch it in the center and all around it’ll feel and sound like paper towel ripping. That sound are the roots being pulled off of the fabric pot. Eventually, you’ll have one solid block of soil with the roots deeply embedded in it, so I flip the block back upright and beat it up.

You could chuck it on the floor, you could shake it, you could even do some basketball drills. Once you beat it up enough, you’ll have one root system that you’re free to dispose of. Sift the remaining soil to make sure to remove any dead leaves or remaining roots.

Potential Pests

If you had a previous issue with pests, mold or root rot, then you could bake the soil. You do this by putting it in a disposable foil roasting pan at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. This will kill all the organic material so that this soil is good as new.

Now that you have your soil by sifted or baked, place it back into the fabric pot. Because I use a lot of nutrients, it’s best that you flush the soil out so that it doesn’t have too much leftover for any new you plan on planting.

I just take the pot outside and completely soak it in water until it floods, then I let it drain and then Ill do it again the second time. Then Ill leave it outside to dry until no more water is dripping out, and Ill plant my new plants in them. This is 2 months later and I don’t even know how far this soil has gone back.

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