We conduct our pH and ppm test on Fox Farm’s Big Bloom which is a grow nutrient that is used on all phases of the plants life.

This nutrient has all trace nutrients and is primarily made out of earthworm castings and bat guano.

Big Bloom is also part of fox farms trio of nutrients and is one of the easiest sets for growing weed.

It barely has any NPK value but I believe it adds to the terpene profile of buds because of all the random elements inside.

Chart that lays out our preferred feed schedule using this nutrient can be seen here

This is part of our How Weed Test Series and is intended to give you an idea of how this nutrient changes the pH and ppm so you can more accurately plan your feed schedule.

You can use these measurements as a reference to plan your feedings ahead of time.

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Fox Farms Trio of Nutrients & Fox Farms Big Bloom


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