You might see this rootball and think, wow, that looks amazing. Learn from my mistakes though. This is not something to show off. Hydro is a medium that uses an air pump to get oxygen to the roots and when you have buckets with roots that are too big, you prevent the circulation of air and in turn suffocate your plants. The lack of waterflow will increase the risk of root rot so, if you have photoperiods, you need to decide when to flip your plants based on the capacity of the buckets. I flip my plants as soon as the rootball reaches half the volume of the bucket and this allows my plants to breathe and reduces the amount of times I need to swap my reservoir. This has proven to work the best for me and even with half capacity, my plants are capable of having a 4 foot branch span.

When the rootball reaches half capacity, simply drop your lighting down to 12 hours on and 12 hours off to initiate the flowering phase.

You can learn when the best time to flip your plant in soil or coco in this tutorial:

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