Unboxing it looks bootleg but the fan is great and has worked wonders for my hydro plants which can be seen here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ…

In this video I review my favorite or best value inline fan that happens to be made by a generic brand igrowtek.

Now I love AC infinity but I dont like the idea that on auto, it does not have variable fan speeds that make sense.

It is a fixed fan speed that is either on or off if the probe reads higher than the set temperature.

The igrowtek on the other hand, has a smart mode that decreases the fan speed, the further lower the probe reads from the set temp.

Also, on the AC Infinity, the alarm does not trigger anything but a sound.

The igrowtek actually makes the fan go into overdrive which will max cool the tent down.

My actual settings for my igrowtek controller are:

Fan speed: 4 (set on the ON mode, I never needed to go higher in a 4 x 3)

Alarm: 90 degrees

Variance: 2 (Push mode and down button for 3 seconds)

Finally, go to smart mode Max temp: 79

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