For 420 scene’s mix, I followed his super soil recipe but I modified it to fit a 5 gallon pot.

My revised recipe still has the same overall NPK percentages.

Video with Scene’s Mix

Timestamps: 420 Scene Fan: 0:01
Mix and Preparation: 0:25
Price Analysis: 2:12
Lab Analysis: 2:57

Promix HP $40
Used 1/5th bag, so $8.00
Down to Earth Bat Guano 7-3-1 $23
2 lbs, used 8 tablespoons so 1/8th total = $2.88
Down to Earth Crab Meal 4-3-0 $21.10
5 lbs, used 2 tablespoons which is 1/80th so 26 cent.
Down to Earth Fish Bone Meal 4-12-0 $24.00
5 lbs, used 2 tablespoons which is 1/80th so 30 cents.
Down to Earth Kelp Meal $30.00 1-.1-2
5 lbs, used 2 tablespoons which is 1/80th so 38 cents.
Down to Earth Alfalfa Meal $23 2-0-1
4 lbs, used 2 tablespoons which is 1/64th so 36 cents.
Mykos $30
2.2 lbs, used 2 tablespoons which is 1/35th so 86 cents
Recharge $60
1 lb bag, used ½ tspn which is 1/192nd or 32 cents


1.5 gallon plastic pot
2 tablespoons bat guano 14-6-2
1/2 tablespoon of crab, fish bone, kelp, alfalfa meal and mykos presoaked a week in advance to let it brew.

Transfer plant to 5 gallon plastic pot
6 tablespoons bat guano
Bat Guano 42 – 18 – 6
Crab meal 6 – 4.5 – 0
Fish Bone Meal 6 – 18 – 0
Kelp Meal 1.5 – .15 – 3

TOTAL: 55.5 – 40.65 – 9 scales down to 6.16 – 4.5 – 1(divided by 9)????


The total cost for a 5 gallon pot prorated is about $13.32 dollars and the initial cost for all the supplies was $251.10 which is enough for 5 5 gallon pots. The majority of this cost is for recharge which you only use a half a teaspoon of and a breakdown on the cost analysis is in the description. It’s probably cheaper to get all this stuff at your local Hydroponics store but if you want to save on gas.

After running a lab test on Promix HP, I find it only has acceptable levels of all nutrients aside from phosphorus. After running my calculations on the amendments 420 Scene adds, the total NPK for the soil used in the initial pot is 19.5-13.55-3.5. Which scales down to about 5.5-4-1 Based on my experience, I feel like this has a very low level of potassium, but to be fair fair, I read scientific journals saying that potassium is not necessary beyond a certain point, but I don’t know how low is too low so we’ll see if any issues occur with this grow.

For the bloom soil mix, the NPK total is basically the same as the first batch and at this point, I’m pretty confident that potassium will have issues.

I see calcium in the Fish Bone Meal and Crab meal, but I don’t see any amendments with Magnesium. If I were to change anything, I would lower the levels of bat guano to reduce the nitrogen in bloom and add something like langbeinite to add additional potassium. This is the soil that Scene used in his Mandarin Cookies run, so we’ll give this a go and see how it compares to others.

This mix will be used in our Meta Soil Project which is a series of episodes that documents 6 different soil mediums grown side by side to see which ones produces the best quality.


420 Scene’s YouTube
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To see the full day to day grow journal


  1. Lmao
    I knew this was terrible
    You went all out on the meta soil project. Great series!

    1. what do you mean it’s terrible? is it a bad mix?

      1. The results can be seen on the META SOIL PROJECT

        It’s shows a poor understanding of a cannabis plants needs as explained in the nutrient breakdown.

    2. Probably learned the most I ever learned about texture of soil and dry amendments. Still working on a masterclass on super soil.

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