We’re finally ready to harvest and this is confirmed by both senescence which is natural yellowing and the trichomes being all milky with slight hints of amber. These visible signs are the cue to harvest and we want to make sure we take preventative measures to avoid bud rot by wet trimming and removing excess foliage and also chopping the plants into parts so that bud sites are not too close. As stated in previous episodes, yield would be one of the main factors in ranking these slots so I decided to take weights of all the plants before and after wet trimming.

Dr. Meter Hanging Scale:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11543″ ref=”amzn-dr-meter-fish-scale-backlit-lcd-display-110lb-50kg-ps01-with-measuring-tape-electronic-balance-digital-fishing-postal-hanging-hook-scale-with-2-aaa-batteries-fishing-gifts-for-men” link_id=”2283″]

The final heights were also recorded by reinforcing the heavy plants with stakes so that the plant is as tall as can be. Plants were placed in a temperature and humidity controlled dry room that was set at 60 degrees humidity and 60 percent humidity.

Best dehumidifier for Dry Room:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11825″ ref=”amzn-dehumidifiers-for-home-dehumidifier-with-pump-for-5000-sq-ft-dehumidifiers-for-home-large-room-14-8-pint-water-tank-continuous-drainage-bedroom-bathroom” link_id=”3025″]

I plan on drying these plants for about 8-10 days and the wet trimming helps cut down time. How to dry.

List and Links to the Initial Review of Each Slot:

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Coco for Cannabis’s General Hydroponic’s Feed Schedule Initial Review
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TPS COMPLETE Nutrient Kit in Coco Coir Initial Review
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Detroit Nutrient Company’s Great Lakes Water Only Soil Initial Review



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