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We’re starting a new segment called growmie stories.

This is an ongoing series where we tell tales about our homies that grow,

Our first guest goes by the username kykeholt56 on Reddit.

What you see in these photos is a SINGLE plant that was stretched out to completely fill a 3 x 5.5 foot closet.

This plant was never topped or FIM’d, so the canopy spread was made solely on low stress training using both twist ties and a trellis. This plant came from a clone from the Oklahoma Clone company: The strain is cosmic serpent number 8.

The final yield was a massive 246 grams of dry weight and what’s incredible is that this was actually Kyle’s first grow. So how did Kyle do it?

Kyle did this all indoors and started with the clone in a 6 inch pot with happy frog soil

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With a cheap blurple light and a 18 hour light cycle,
Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

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The plant was fed just regular pH balanced water. Growth was off to a really slow start.

Kyle wanted to Low Stress Train from the start. Quickly he realized the plant was too young, so he resumed LST at day 22 when the leaves looked stronger.

As the plant grew, Kyle tied down the main stems using twist ties

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Once the plant filled the pot, he transferred it to a 5 gallon pot of Ocean Forest and planted it close to the edge.

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As the plant grew, he would continue to tie down the new growth so that it is parallel to the soil’s surface and aligned with the perimeter of the pot.

He continued circling the new growth around the pot and fed it plain pH balanced water, relying on just the nutrients in the soil until day 53.

On day 53, Kyle eased in Grow Big nutrients.

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On day 64, the plant completely wrapped around the perimeter so he transferred it into a 7 gallon pot filled with Strawberry fields soil.

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He also switched the lights to a more powerful, Spectrum King SK602 still maintaining 18 hours of light.

During the transfer he removed all tie downs. This let the plant grow stress free for the next couple of weeks.

He also stopped feeding nutrients.

On day 81, he installed a trellis in the closet which he bolted taught into the corners. This is where the magic happened.

Now, instead of tying down the plant, he stretched it out using the Screen of green method.

At this point, commenters on reddit convinced Kyle to GO IN on scrog-ing.

Succumbing to their remarks, he said “I was able to tuck a lot more than I thought”.

On Day 88, he flips to a 12 hour light cycle and on day 91 begins feeding Open Sesame Flower Nutes, once a week.

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Any new growth would be forced into the furthest square on the trellis.

The stretching continued up until 4 weeks into bloom.

Week 4 into bloom is when horizontal growth ceases and vertical growth begins.

For the remainder of the grow, the focus is now on buds and what you see is the buds developing.

It’s still mind boggling that this was a first attempt and the yield on this single plant filled up 4 32 oz mason jars AND a gallon mason jar.

Beginner’s luck?,

I think not, it just goes to show that a thirst for knowledge and applying it is really all it takes for a successful harvest.

Kyle’s Grow Journal:

Thanks for watching and if you have a story to share email me at to be featured on the next episode.

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