Finally, the first episode to this meta soil project where we compare different organic and synthetic super soils, living soils and coco coir mediums and analyze lab tests and most importantly, record all data in order to make this grow as transparent as possible. All of the flaws and issues will be highlights as well as the golden nuggets of knowledge gained through EXPERIENCE.

This video highlights the use of a mist cloner and transplanting these clones from a spray cloner to their soil or coco pots.

Mist Cloner Equipment:

5 Gallon Bucket: $5

Important dates:
6/29 cut clones and put into octocloner
7/15 officially transferred clones to mr canucks grows 420 scene’s and build a soil’s pots
7/18 officially transferred clones to coco for cannabis, TPS Nutrients (coco feed) and great lakes water only slot

List and Links to the Initial Review of Each Slot:

Mr. Canuck’s Gaia Green Super Soil Mix Initial Review
Mr Canucks Grows YouTube

BuildASoil’s 3.0 Organic Living Soil Blend Initial Review

BuildaSoil YouTube

420 Scene’s Down to Earth Super Soil Initial Review
420 Scene’s YouTube

Coco for Cannabis’s General Hydroponic’s Feed Schedule Initial Review
Coco for Cannabis’s YouTube

TPS COMPLETE Nutrient Kit in Coco Coir Initial Review
TPS Nutrients YouTube

Detroit Nutrient Company’s Great Lakes Water Only Soil Initial Review



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