I got this TDS, EC, ppm Blue Lab TRUNV2 Truncheon off of amazon because it was the best ranked and best rated meter with an unbelievable 5 star rating.

I was excited to use it in my series of nutrient tests featured on my channel but unfortunately, I needed something way more accurate.

As seen in their description, this only starts reading at 120 ppm: Measurement Range: 2 to 36 CF, 0.2 to 3.6 EC, 140 to 2520 ppm (EC x 700), 100 to 1800 ppm (EC x 500); General uses include gardening, hydroponics growing tent and reservoir.

The meter is accurate, but when Im mixing ml’s of nutrients per gallon, I want to know changes in ppm far below 100’s which is impossible with this device.

It’s good if you’re the type to put in EC’s of 1-2, but if you seen my hydro grow series, I literally get away with EC levels of .5 throughout bloom so this meter is not my cup of tea.

Its sturdy and serves as a great mixer and comes with a 5 year warranty so it may work for you.

Blue Lab Truncheon & Recommended Meter

Video showing comparison

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