Every now and I cross paths with someone who completely spins the direction I am heading through this journey of life. I believe in karma and legacy and as long as I could leave this world knowing that I helped and improved people’s lives more than do harm, my conscious is clean. I’ve always been good at teaching and the main reason why I started teaching how to grow is because this is undeniably a medicine that helps me through times I struggle to sleep and it also improves my athletic performance (yes, it does help!). Somewhere in this journey of teaching, I came across a father who uses CBD for his son to treat his epileptic seizures. Now this hits really close to home for personal reasons which I cannot disclose but after researching the history of CBD to treat neurological disorders, the barriers placed by the government seem to be unreasonable and access to CBD as a form of medicine has been blocked by many states. The only medication available legally is Epidiolex and this grossly overpriced medicine is simply CBD but “FDA Approved” which basically translates to, enough money was paid to buy out it’s “certified safe” title.

This ignited my quest to hunt my own Pure CBD strain and with the help of my discord community, I was able to find a couple selective bred/almost pure strains. Given that the intention of this search is to help kids, every precaution necessary to reduce and remove THC will be taken and I will be working with labs to ensure purity of the strains produced.

The two almost pure strains I am growing is “Charlotte’s Angel” by Dutch Passion and “Harley Quinn” by MSNL along with 4 unverified high CBD strains.

When all is said and done, I will be creating Selfie Seeds of the strains that are less than 1% THC and donating them to anyone who can prove they suffer from ailments . This is my way of improving the lifestyle of people and my desire to try to do better than worse as a human being. I’m 6 weeks away from harvest, but so far, all of the plants look amazing and a summary of the grow will be posted on YouTube.

A link to the grow journal can be seen HERE.

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