UPDATE: This video is obsolete now that all the ones I recommend are discontinued. For now the best alternative that checks all the key points is this model:

In this video, we break down the main differences and features to look for to select the best grow tent humidifier. Maintaining a good VPD is extremely important to optimizing yield but choosing a good humidifier can be daunting and you really dont know what you dont know until you use it for a year or so. Here are the key things to look for:

Some Key Points:

  1. No clear reservoir – when light gets through and hits the water, algae will eventually grow
  2. Top Load – makes it easier to refill, bottom loading is a pain and often leads to leaks
  3. Warm & Cool mist – you want the option to be able to provide heat to your plants as an added bonus in the winter
  4. Automatic Humidity controls – setting a target humidity allows you to power on only when necessary, optimizing efficiency and saving electricity.
  5. Darker is better, Black – just like clear, black is better at blocking out light. White plastic still allows light to sneak through.
  6. Capacity – The bigger the reservoir, the less you have to refill.
  7. Sleep Mode – Lights off is important and some plants are sensitive to light and will do weird things like herm on you if there is small light leaks.

With that said, my absolute favorite and best warm and cool mist humidifier for a grow tent is undoubtedly ::drumroll::

DISCONTINUED Elechomes 5.5L:

Only reason why I said the Paris Rhone is better in the video was because it was black, but I still love my old Elechomes. It has been great and I have been using it for over a year so until Paris Rhone proves it’s longevity, Ill still stick with experience. Both are equally as good at the moment, but the Elechomes is cheaper and if it aint broke, dont fix it.

2nd up as seen in the review is

For our recommendation on the best grow tent DEHUMIDIFIER, check out this review and comparison: https://www.howweedgrow.com/best-grow-tent-dehumidifier/

For more reviews, <—- click reviews

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