So a lot of my buddies know I grow and I made the unfortunate mistake of bragging about it and hooking them up with samples early on. I guess they didn’t understand what a sample is and now they’re used to it and expect it all the time. Eventually, I’ll tell them that’s it, but I still have projects and mistakes that occasionally cause me to yield subpar quality. In these cases, I’ll save the buds and give it away. I’m gonna show you the bare minimum technique in which I harvest my buds. The quality will still be relatively good and my homies still say “yeah, I’m high” – Rahzo A.K.A. Iron Lungs.  

I still hang dry at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees humidity. But, only remove the large fan leaves. The second that the exterior of the biggest buds feel bone dry, I buck the buds into a 5 gallon bucket that I got from home depot(lid is separate). You could get these with a lid for $7.50. You could fill it up up to halfway full which gives me enough space to cure a half a pound.

Do NOT fill the bucket up more than halfway. Then I place a hygrometer inside and close the bucket, making sure the lid clicks all around the perimeter to ensure its airtight. I place it in a room that has less than 60% humidity but not more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then it’s the same process of my normal curing, monitoring the humidity daily. Leave the bucket open for anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours based on my hygrometer readings. The further off the reading is from 62 percent humidity, the longer I leave it open and I usually wait until it the humidity reaches the midpoint of where I started and 62%. Every single time I open the bucket, I roll it at 45 degree angle to make sure the buds on the bottom come up to the top.

Eventually, the buds wont feel as bone dry and the aroma of the buds will smell more pungent. When I don’t smell anymore grass or hay like smell, the buds are ready enough to smoke and give away. I’ll still continue the process until the daily humidity stabilizes at 62% and at that point, I only open the bucket once or twice a week.  That is the bare minimum process of harvesting. So to all my homies that like samples, you could trim it yaself! or better yet, just learn how to grow and start giving me samples!

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