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In this video, we teach you how to Cure Buds Perfectly and Automatically. This is the best way to cure and has been fully automated so you don’t have to constantly burp your jars. All you need to do is follow the instructions and place this tub in a room that is 60 degrees and this will automatically cure your trimmed buds. Curing is the last step of drying and harvesting weed and making sure your buds are perfectly dry greatly impacts the quality of your buds. It’s a daily task that may be tedious at times when you are dealing with several mason jars and I devised a tub that was inspired by my failed bucket tek which basically over-dries buds. In this video, we teach you one of the best methods for making curing so easy. It automates burping and removes the daily routine of constantly having to open and close your mason jars.

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