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I went to my growmies hose and discovered a new tool that punches a hole in your fabric pot which is lined with metal. It is perfect for using with twist ties and makes it so much easier to secure branches down and you can customize exactly where you want your holes. Unfortunately, the one he had was almost 40 bucks:
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11648″ ref=”amzn-bizoepro-grommet-tool-kit-3-8-inch-eyelet-press-pliers-10mm-manual-handheld-with-500pcs-silver-grommets” link_id=”2893″ title=”hide”]
So then I went home and I researched it and found one that was only 8 bucks:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11770″ ref=”amzn-amazon-basics-eyelet-hole-punch-plier-with-100-piece-eyelets” link_id=”2894″ title=”hide”]

I tested it out and it works just as good and honestly, I like this one better because the holes it punches are more snug and the grommets themselves are only 1 piece vs. 2. The only difference is instead of one step, its two, but for $30.00, I think I could make an exception.

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