The Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF2000 is in my opinion the best entry level grow light simply because of the specs and my experience with growing.

The Spider Farmer SF2000 boasts one of the best efficiencies on the market, thanks to its high-performance Samsung LM301B diodes. For almost a decade, Samsung has held the #1 spot for the best and most efficient diodes commercially available.

This grow light comes equipped with a continuous dimmer, allowing growers to easily adjust the light intensity to suit the specific needs of their plants throughout the various stages of growth. This feature helps ensure that the plants receive the right amount of light they need for optimal growth.

Use this app to set your target light intensity (5% variance from Apogee Meters and only 6 bucks)

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Amazon Discount Code: SFHWGROW

Cheaper on their site with code: SFHWGROW8

The Spider Farmer SF2000 also comes with a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind for growers in case anything goes wrong with their grow light.

The SF2000 has a coverage area of 3′ x 4′, making it suitable for use in small to medium-sized grow tents. It has a power draw of 200 watts(tested at 220.6), and a full spectrum design that covers both the veg and bloom stages of plant growth.

Overall, the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF2000 is my favorite light and examples of our successful grows can be seen on some of our journals.


Spider Farmer 2023 New SF2000


The SPider Farmer SF2000 was updated in 2023 to use spider farmer's own driver instead of the Old Meanwell Drivers. Although meanwell is an industry standard, the updated spider farmer driver actually performs better. The dimmer also has an off option and other than that, everything is identical with the previous model.


  1. Purchasing the SF2000 today, appreciate the information, makes the purchase a little easier now that I know it’s a good light. I’m a newbie.

    1. Still my All time favorite, I got 3 right now, considering getting a 4th

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