These are my top 10 favorite must have tools for growing cannabis and weed. I think every cannabis grower should consider all of these items because the value they provide will absolutely make things easier and make your grows better. These have all be used by me and are the best quality and proven to withstand the test of time.

Number 10
When I first started growing, I was using the same measurements spoons I was using for baking and that’s a terrible look. You really want to be precise and a 20 ml syringe will give you accurate measurements. Just make sure you rinse this between each nutrients and so you avoid cross contamination. 10 pack is 9 bucks and this is a game changer for anyone using synthetic nutrients.
20 ml Syringe 10 Pack:

Number 9
Govee smart thermometer
This thing is 12 bucks and I compared it to 2 other brands. Despite being the cheapest, it has the longest range and it just dominates because it also shows you VPD which thermopro still hasn’t added.
Govee smart thermometer/hygrometer:

Number 8
Ultra fine mist sprays. This is normally used as a hair spray, but these are perfect for foliar spraying. Unlike a regular spray, this mist is super gentle and disperses wider.
Ultra fine mister/sprayer:

Number 7
Epsom salt – A lot of nutrients and top dresses do not include sulfur. And some strains require more than others. Magnesium is also something that is commonly deficient in coco mediums so if you see this type striping, Epsom salt will help. Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate and using about .3 grams per gallon is all you need to add to your feeds until the issues are fixed. You could get a 2 lb bag for like 5 bucks at your local pharmacy. (cheaper)
Don’t get scented. (gas and time is money)

Number 6
Jewelers loupe, If you don’t know, the best way to tell when to harvest is by looking at your trichomes. Unfortunately, our naked eyes cant do this so, this is the best tool to making sure all of them are milky or amber. A great tip is to just remove the case and use double sided tape and place it over your camera and a video on how to do so is on my site. 7 bucks, it’s a no brainer.
Jeweler’s Loupe

Number 5
This towkka oscillating fan.This small fan has the perfect amount of breeze, but it also packs a punch if you want it to. This is going on 2 years strong and most fans I have had don’t last more than a year so the value is undeniable at only 15 bucks.
Towkka Portable Oscillating Fan:

Number 4:
The photone app. Even when youre using different mediums, the one thing that is consistent with all of my grows is lighting. Unfortunately, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a device like apogee. Photone is an app that has a full spectrum light mode that has been verified by several non sponsored youtubers including myself and my buds show its dependability. It’s only 6 bucks and it what I use for all my light readings. Just make sure youre using a 22 lb paper diffuser if youre using iOS.
Photone App:

  1. hydrogen peroxide, also known as H2o2 this shit is like the franks hot sauce for weed. I put that shit on everything.
    Tap water check
    Bloom juice check
    Veg juice check
    Clean my tent check
    Sprout water, check

This is like holy water, it sterilizes everything, prevents algae growth and it’s the only thing at this price point that kills mold spores. honestly, I would pay like 10 dollars if I had to.

Number 2:
This generic pH/TDS meter. The truth of the matter is, all pH meters suck because you have to calibrate it at least twice a month. Consider yourself lucky if one of them lasts you more than a year, because the average lifespan I have in my history of growing is 7 months and I do everything from storing in KCL solution, to rinsing with distilled water to calibrating every 10 days. The only one I’ve ever had that lasted more than a year is this generic 3 in 1 meter with this grey cap. Maybe I just got lucky, but it still works. And Ive had it since June of 2021, even with looking as rusted as it does.
PH Meter, 3-in-1 TDS/PH/Temperature Meter:

Number 1.
This is that Cadillac of dunk containers. If you don’t know what dunking is, goto my site and learn about the holy grail of fabric pot feeding because I swear itll make your soil grows look like hydro grows.
I literally went into home depot with a measuring tape to make sure that this container was the perfect size for dunking 5 gallon pots. This allows you to distribute water throughout all of your soil in the most even way possible. People ask whats my secret to beautiful plants in soil, and here it is, it’s the dunks (and follow my guide).
Brute 10 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Can:

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