It doesn’t surprise me that there has been so much energy spent trying to silence my teachings and it’s obvious… There’s an agenda that actively blocks reliable sources of information for growing at home and channels like mine are blackballed because we are not advertiser friendly. Despite my YouTube channel anticipating to have over 100K subscribers by the end of 2023 (Source: socialblade), it was ruthlessly banned. No warnings, no strikes.


Dispensaries have an active interest in preventing people from being capable of growing high quality buds at home. Seed Banks and Breeders want me to grow their seeds and use my platforms to promote their genetics and sabotage competitor brands. Companies such as AC Infinity, Gaia Green, Viparspectra, Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer have created an advertising moat that applies pressure on media platforms to hide or remove content that criticizes their products. This is the current climate of media in the cannabis grow space and the information accessible to new growers is sponsored and made by creators who play by these rules.


Despite being donated products by the majority of these companies in exchange for reviews, I explicitly tell them that I make no promises that any reviews or articles I write will be positive. I write reviews as if I purchased them and you could see those reviews on this site and they are all objective. I don’t do contracts and I don’t owe anybody anything except for the people who I sought out to teach on this journey… THE GROWERS

Everything I recommend on this site is based on actual experience and if it’s linked, it’s because I used it and I would buy it because it’s the BEST in my experience. Of course, the “best “is subjective because for someone like me, price is also a factor, so better products may exist, but if the value added doesn’t exceed the additional costs, I wont recommend it. If there is a custom HWGROW discount code, this was provided after I reviewed their product and plays no role in my reviews.

My promise is that my tone will never falter or be swayed by companies who want to pay for biased reviews. I will and have always resisted bribes and I will continue to post and share my unsponsored knowledge that the agenda aggressively tries to suppress. Companies still send me products and I respect it when they are confident enough to take a risk despite me making no promises. My brand has only grown as fast as it has because of the trust and integrity of providing reliable information without any bias. If I endorse a products, ask me why and I could in real time show you it in use. If I support a name brand company, it’s because their products are great, not because I was sponsored.


This is medicine to me. I will always grow it and share my findings and if you know me, you know I’m still as passionate about growing as I was when I started. If you want to help support, all I ask is that you share links to this website so other’s can find it and grow their own. My teachings have been verified by a whole community of growers and I continue on this journey to make the easiest tutorials for the best quality and I want the world to know it.

If you want to support financially, I have a PATREON. All of the money you donate goes to creating more content and every bit helps, especially in this current climate.