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If you want to optimize efficiency with feeding hydroponic plants, making a juice in a concentrated form will make it much easier to feed. By mixing a gallon of concentrate, you are only mixing a single juice once for multiple feeds instead of adding nutrients individually every single time. Simply adding juice to your DWC or reservoir, you hit your target ppm and make it much easier to feed. I mathematically calculated the proper NPKs so it will have the perfect balance of all primary, secondary and trace elements. This allows your plants to have access to every possible nutrient it will need for optimal growth. This recipe is a custom blend of nutrients from different companies but it was mathematically optimized to be the best level for plants in the vegetative or growth phase. It has a higher level of nitrogen which encourages green leaves.

You can start your plants off with this mix and slowly transition them into our bloom mix in bloom and flowering

This juice was mathematically calculated to have the perfect balance of NPK, secondary and trace elements so I warn you, adding or removing anything will throw off the balance “dont do it, please dont do it.”


  1. Could you make one with fox farms nutrients?

    1. Big Bloom is not water soluble so sorry, I cant

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