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If you want to optimize efficiency with feeding hydroponic plants, making a juice in a concentrated form will make it much easier to feed. By mixing a gallon of concentrate, you are only mixing a single juice once for multiple feeds instead of adding nutrients individually every single time. Simply adding juice to your DWC or reservoir, you hit your target ppm and make it much easier to feed. I mathematically calculated the proper NPKs so it will have the perfect balance of all primary, secondary and trace elements. This allows your plants to have access to every possible nutrient it will need for optimal growth. This recipe is a custom blend of nutrients from different companies but it was mathematically optimized to be the best level for plants in the vegetative or growth phase. It has a higher level of nitrogen which encourages green leaves.

You can start your plants off with this mix and slowly transition them into our bloom mix in bloom and flowering

This juice was mathematically calculated to have the perfect balance of NPK, secondary and trace elements so I warn you, adding or removing anything will throw off the balance “dont do it, please dont do it.”

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  1. Could you make one with fox farms nutrients?

    1. Big Bloom is not water soluble so sorry, I cant

  2. What is the target PPM for the juice or am I just dumb and missing something?

      1. Yeah I realized I’m just dumb on that one. But one question I’m left with- I’m using distilled water which started at a 0 ppm and I just want to make sure my target would be the numbers on the chart exactly? So week 3 I’m on 150ppm. I may be over thinking it but I hope I’m not using less ppm than I’m supposed to. Thank you!

  3. Do you need to adjust the ph level in the juice?

    1. always at the end AFTER you add nutrients

  4. I’m using this blend for my hydro juice but my leaves are growing in bright green and yellow-orange. Any idea what could be wrong?

  5. Is it possible to get some help for the feeding schedule of the veg juice. My plants are in week 1 now seedling. But I’m not using 5 gallons buckets instead a DIY large bucket with about 60 liters of water. The target PPM base on the cheat sheet is supposed to be 75 PPM to calculate how juice you need to feed. However I’m always around 640 PPM and 5.6-6.0 PH. So its the target PPM supposed to be based on a 5 gallon bucket ? Also is there a way to lower the PPM?

    1. its the same ppm as the chart but if your plants are at 640, then they already adapted if they look good. I wouldnt change and just adapt to the plants.

  6. Dynagrow is not available in Europe. Is there a substitute that you know of? Is it possible to use General Hydrophonics Grow?

    1. No they are completely different NPK, you need something with 7-9-5 plus trace elements. Sorry I cant find an alternative.

      1. awesome, thanks for sharing, let me know how it works out after harvest.

  7. Can you use this for soil too?

    1. I would just follow the soil formulas which are based on supplementing what the soil already has.

  8. Sorry i forgot to add something to my previous message:

    How many times on average do you refill the gallon bottle during veg and bloom per plant on hydro?

    1. That varies on too many factors such as size of plant, strain etc, 2 bottles should be enough for a average sized plant from seed to harvest.

      1. Thank you for the fast responds.

  9. Hi, i was wondering if you could tell me what the TDS Factor/scale is for your solutions/meters? i recently got the AC infinity HYDROPONIC METER PRO KIT and started having problems with my grow with my old nutrient line because it was set from the factory at a factor of .71 (ppm700) where my nutrient line was based on the .50 (ppm500) so i was under feeding. i just want to make sure I’m dialed in 100% on your recipe! thanks!

    1. Good question, I should specify it in the charts. Will make and update soon. All of my charts are on the Hannah scale which is 500 ppm

      1. Awesome! Thank you and love your channel !

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