When growing cannabis, it is easy to realize when your efforts have been worth while. Harvest day is when this realization finally sets in and you prepare your buds for drying.

The only question on your mind from this point forward is “how dank is my bud?”.

Need to know the best at home THC testers? No problemo

We’ve researched the very best testers available on amazon and elsewhere; and we found that chemical testing solutions for THC potency is on the decline and a new form has popped up!

This is the time for cannabis spectral imaging. These products below are sorted by ease and accuracy. Both spectral imaging product solutions and chemical. We want to show you how much better some are than others. The price range goes from $55-$4,500

Quickness- $67.99 HiGrade Analyzing Scope

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11842″ ref=”amzn-higrade-potency-test-kit-analyzing-scope-analyzer-instant-mobile-testing-kit-accurate-potency-test-kit-1-scope-1-year-pro-app-subscription-cultivation” link_id=”3022″]

-Decent low cost solution that attached to your phone.

-Take 3 quick pictures and get your THC content.

-Built in App

-Very new and disrupting the market

-4/5 based on reviews

-Has an app

Thoroughness & Expensive – $4,500 GemmaCert Lite Botanical Potency Analyzer

-Expensive but worth it

-Full Spectral Imaging

-Place the nugs into the tray and hit the on button

-Very accurate and also disrupting the market

-Previous competitor price point (~$10,000)

-Not many reviews

-Has an app


Thoroughness & High Price- $1,996.88 Purpl PRO Kit | Premium, Highly Accurate Testing Machine

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11644″ ref=”amzn-purpl-scientific-purpl-pro-kit-premium-highly-accurate-testing-machine-turn-your-mobile-phone-into-a-state-of-the-art-potency-measurement-system” link_id=”2738″]

-High Price but a cheaper alternative compared to the Gemma Cert

-Full Spectral Imaging

-Also has a tray for nugs to be scanned

-May be less accurate than Gemma Cert but more accurate than the Hi Grade Analyzing Scope

-3.5/5 based on reviews

-has an app

Best of both worlds but disposable – $399.99 tCheck 2 Potency Testing Plus Kit

– 10-20 Minute test frame

-More accurate than the Hi Grade Analyzing Scope

-Reliable proven chemical potency test

-disposable but at a lower relative price point for the value you get

-4/5 based on reviews

-Has an app

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11808″ ref=”amzn-tcheck-app-controlled-portable-potency-tester-kit-new-uv-spectrometer-technology-faster-accurate-results-oils-infusions-concentrates-flowers-home-potency-testing-kit” link_id=”3023″]

Probably not worth the trouble- $55 Mini Canna Lab.

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11672″ ref=”amzn-mini-canna-lab” link_id=”2740″]

less accurate and meticulous and human error prone. Just stay away from this one. You will probably get a less accurate distribution in results if you test the same nug over and over. Not worth the 55$ for something disposable just get the $67.99 HiGrade Analyzing Scope, and use it as many times as you need to!

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