best to use Rope Clip Hangers

Today were gonna show you how to hang a grow light in a tent using these flexi ratchet light fixture hangers.

The reason why we like using the hangers is that they are adjustable and as your plants grow, you want to be able to modify the height of the light so that they are as close as they can be to the plants.

The closer you can get them, the less money you will spend on electricity and also the faster your plants will grow.

Also, lights have different distribution of lights at different distances and many lights have an optimum distance to place from your plants.

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Slow and steady wins the race. You don’t want these falling randomly.

For the most part, all lights have holes on the corners for you to connect hangers.

The first thing you want to do is hang the cords onto your grow tent poles by clipping the cords onto themselves.

Just push the clip behind the pole and pull it through the top and clip it onto itself.

Once you have all four sides, you want to bring the other end down to a height where you want the light to be hung.

Then its just a matter of clipping it in, adjusting the height and plugging it in. Super simple.

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