In this video we review the Bluelab PENCON Conductivity Pen.

This is a Digital TDS Meter. You can use this meter to test your water and nutrient solutions. These tests are increasingly necessary for feeding your cannabis and marijuana plants.

The types of readings it can measure are CF, EC, PPM 500 and PPM 700. Our opinion is despite we do not think it is the best it is often better than the truncheon because of utility and cost benefit it offers.

This Conductivity pen can test and monitor your nutrients (TDS) level to maximize your grow and ensure plants get the balanced feed they need.

General uses include growing tent, swimming pool, drinking water, aquarium, fish tank, and brewing.

This hydroponics tester has ATC. ATC provides consistent reading regardless of any fluctuations in temperature. It has a durable design for repeated uses and fully waterproof and it floats in any solution. Calibration being optional, the meter comes factory calibrated. So therefore it’s ready to be used right out of the box.

You should clean your tool for accurate readings. Different units are available (EC, PPM 500, PPM700, and CF). By combining our pH pens and meters utilize full garden nutrient monitoring in water and soil.

Very cool features: Auto off function, low battery indicator, units for temperature.

Kit INCLUDES: AAA battery, probe care kit is sold separately Made in New Zealand and manufactured by Bluelab. Bluelab is the industry leader in hydroponic testing equipment, built for grower; 2-Year Limited Warranty with proof of purchase

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