to have “best” in the name is a bold claim

Today were doing a product type comparison video on 4 piece herb and weed grinders. Were tryna keep it as simple as possible so lets get to it.

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Pricing wise,
We have the generic no brand coming in at 6.29.

his KJ arrow grinder at 20 dollars. Buts it is worth noting it comes with a dope silicone pipe, tweezers, a stash jar and a pick.

This next one is the heezeebeezee (now vivosun) which is 14 bucks.

Next, is Kozo best at 13 bucks and last is the one I been using from a stash box set I got as a gift by Ozchin.

So first thing were reviewing is the lids. All of these have magnetic lids except for the KJ arrow which is a screw top. The screw top takes a while to open and ist difficult to close when you have bud in it which youll see later on. Out of all the magnetic ones, the two with powerful magnets are the Vivosun and the Kozo Best. Youll notice when I shake with the Ozchin the body falls and the same goes for the generic.

Now for the grinder part, you’ll notice different amounts of teeth and different shapes. But honestly, I don’t care about all that, I want to know how it grinds which we’ll see later, visually you could make your assumptions, but that don’t mean shit. As for the size, these 2 are 2 inches, this one is 2.2 and these 2 are 2.5 inches.

So moving on, going to the bottom, the screen mesh sifts the kief and resin, and the thinnest gaps are in the ozchin and the widest gaps are in the kozo. The other 3 are somewhere in between. The resin compartments are self explanatory and they all come with scrapers, but the Vivosun also comes with a brush.

Aside from the lid each of these grinders Is screw top, except for these two right here. Vivosun’s screen does not attach to the bottom in any way. Which is a recipe for disaster and they could have put a magnet to address this. For Kozo, you’ll see this little nub that fits into a groove on the bottom so you can insert it right here and pull it out easy, but if you putt it in and turn it, now you cant pull it out. and twist to secure.

Now for the best part, the grind test!!! Were divvying up this bud to equal parts for each grinder and grinding it down to see how fine the grind is.

First up, Generic, Super clogged up, Needed tweezers to loosen up some bud and it seemed like I had to grind for a while.

KJ Arrow: To screw the lid on with bud in it proved to be difficult. I would be able to tighten it a little. Then I would have to grind some bud to tighten it all the way.

As cool as it looks to sharpen a pencil and grind bud instead, the bud would get stuck on top of the blades and need to be picked out. Third, Vivosun , same problem with the bud getting stuck in the blades but it looks cool. Not sure how clear the top is gonna look with lots of use. Next Kozo, wow, surprisingly with the trapezoid teeth, it completely grinded everything with no bud getting stuck. Last, the Ozchin, Just like the generic, the square teeth made it difficult in the beginning, minimal bud stuck in the center.

SO the results!!! Zooming into the grinds themselves, I will say the finest is definitely the Kozo, then next up would be Vivosun , the other 3 seem to have larger chucks and overall say as far as a grinder goes, I would have to say Kozo is the best, and they even claim it on their amazon listing and I gotta give it to them. Everything was on camera and I want to stress that this is not sponsored. The second best would be the Vivosun but they gotta address the bottom compartment, third would be the KJarrow, but more for the accessories that come with it, and last two would be a tie from what I been using and the generic.

There you have it, if you liked what you seen, leave a like or comment and let us know what you want to see next.


  1. I randomly grabbed Kozo grinder a couple years ago.

    Big fan, but the grind plate will pop out if you put too much pressure on them. Every few weeks, I have to vice press it into place.

    With that, still the best grinder I have ever used.

  2. Still my favorite. After all these years.

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