Week 7 of Bloom and the differences in bud quality is becoming more obvious. Tons of trichomes stacking on the coco slots and to be honest, coco just demolishes soil as a grow medium and everything coco for cannabis was saying in his tutorials is true.

You really cant compare the mediums and coco just makes it too easy for uptake which result in thick stems and fat and frosty bud sites.

At the moment, I would undeniably say that Mr. Canucks Grow’s slot is the best for soil. It is shocking to me how poorly Buildasoil did and I really wasn’t expecting how bad the buds look in terms of size and trichomes. This is a classic example of overdoing and it is verified in out soil lab test.

420 Scene and Great Lakes are also performing poorly and the final review videos will go more into depth as to why I think they failed.

Week 7 is when buds are almost at their capacity in terms of weight and with the large size of the buds, there is a higher chance for mold to form in the dense nugs.

This episode we talk about the final wave of defoliation and how to use airflow, fans and dehumidifiers to prevent bud rot.

Botrytis is in the air and always has been in my basement and unless you use a O3 generator (which can cause lung problems), it will remain there forever. By keeping oscillating internal fans and the dehumidifier on, I can prevent mold spores from inoculating my buds because they need high humidity and stagnant air to thrive.We max out the dehumidifier to suck as much moisture out of the air as possible.

Spray Water Feeder & Breezome Dehumidifier

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11816″ ref=”amzn-doubfivsy-electric-plant-sprayer-2l-0-5-gallon-garden-sprayer-rechargeable-automatic-plant-mister-spray-bottle-with-adjustable-spout-extended-nozzle-for-garden-fertilizing-cleaning-blue” link_id=”3011″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11636″ ref=”amzn-breezome-dehumidifier-for-basement-600-ft%c2%b2-large-room-with-humidity-control-108oz-energy-saving-dehumidifiers-with-3-modes-48h-timer-for-bedroom-home-auto-off-auto-defrost-protection” link_id=”2714″]

Ozone Generator, Towkka Small Oscillating Fan, Generic Oscillating Fan

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11525″ ref=”amzn-enerzen-ozone-generator-11000mg-industrial-o3-air-purifier-deodorizer-11000mg-black” link_id=”2249″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11650″ ref=”amzn-towkka-portable-camping-fan-with-led-lights-quiet-stroller-fan-with-3-speed-and-brightness-settings-4-in-1-rechargeable-5000mah-usb-desk-oscillating-fan” link_id=”2715″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11834″ ref=”amzn-amazon-11″ link_id=”3012″]

The Generic Oscillating Fan, One broke in about a month, filed a warranty claim and they sent me a new one. (pretty nice)

We also defoliate the fan leaves that stretched because these prevent airflow and block wind, creating more possibility for stagnant air. These leaves are obvious because they have really long stems. With the buds building weight and stacking, we must support stems and being that I dont want to install a trellis, I used twist ties instead and hung them to the light clips.

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11821″ ref=”amzn-kesaoyie-15m-garden-soft-tie-garden-wire-ptr-soft-flexible-durable-ties-for-support-plant-branches-vines” link_id=”3013″]

Garden Soft Ties (very useful for trellis hanging)

By taking these preventative measures, you can minimize the risk of bud rot and have a successful mold free harvest.

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