In Hawaii, only registered marijuana patients and caregivers are allowed to grow cannabis plants in their homes. If you qualify, you may grow up to 10 plants at any stage of maturity.

To Register as a patient, CLICK HERE.

  • Am I allowed to grow cannabis if I am a registered patient or caregiver? YES – as a registered program participant, and assuming that you indicated your intent to grow your own supply of medical cannabis on your application, you are allowed to grow an “adequate supply” of medical cannabis, not to exceed ten (10) plants at any stage of maturity, and posses no more than 4oz of usable cannabis jointly between a registered patient and caregiver.
  • Where can I grow medical cannabis? Medical cannabis may be grown only at ONE of the following locations AND that location MUST be identified on your 329 Card:
    • the residence of the qualifying patient, OR
    • the residence of the designated caregiver, OR
    • another site that is either owned or controlled by the qualifying patient or the designated caregiver.

Source: State of Hawaii Department of Health

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