TPS Nutrients is a proprietary blend of all the nutrients your weed or cannabis plants will need and this slot will attempt to make a fair comparison of it to the general hydroponics nutrients feed schedule recommended by coco for cannabis:

I’ll be putting these feed schedules head to head on top of comparing them to the 4 other soil slots in the meta soil project.

For the TPS Feed Schedule, please refer to

Intro: 0:00
Mix and Preparation: 0:37
Price Analysis: 1:21
Quick Nutrient Analysis: 2:58
Lab NPK Analysis: 2:06

Coco Coir $24
10 lbs brick, used 1/7th the total so $3.42
CalMag $17
1 quart, used 30 ml which is approximately 1/30th or 56 cents
Perlite: $9
Used 1/4th or $2.25
Paint Strainer Bag

TPS Nutrients Complete
Also use code HOWWEEDGROW for 10% off

Week 1 16.2-17.6-20.5
Week 2 16.2-17.6-20.5
Week 3 26.9-24.8-29.1
Week 4 26.9-24.8-29.1
Week 5 32.4-35.2-38.4
Week 6 32.4-35.2-38.4
Week 7 40.6-49.6-58.2
Week 8 40.6-49.6-58.2

Week 9 44.1-63.6-72.1
Week 10 45.5-66.8-75.9
Week 11 23.5-59.2-64
Week 12 22.1-56-66.4
Week 13 18-48.8-57.8
Week 14 17.2-38.8-58
Week 15 17.2-38.8-55.4
Week 16 16.4-28.8-46.8

This mix will be used in our Meta Soil Project which is a series of episodes that documents 6 different soil mediums grown side by side to see which ones produces the best quality.


Also Check out TPS nutrients youtube channel for great weed growing tutorials.
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