I think I’m like 2 weeks away from harvest and the colors are becoming more vibrant, but the greens seem to keep getting greener.

Gonna start cutting down on the Nitrogen levels and swap it out with P and K because I don’t want grassy buds.

This will kind of be the beginning of my flush.

So with these 8 strains, I am eliminating 3 from the mix.

First is strain number 3 because of it having too much hair.

Next is strain number 5 because it simply does not have enough frost and none voted for it.

Last is strain number 8, even though it was high up in my rank and voted for a lot, I just cant deal with the stems so it’s out.

🧴 GH flora Trio 💡 Spider Farmer SF2000 ⛺ Tent 💨 Airflow

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Use code SFHWGROW for Discount

This was my first time using the GH trio and the NPK values were stripped from the values I used from the data and feed schedule for Fox Farms.

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