Assembling a grow tent consists of setting up a frame and placing a mylar cover on top of it. It’s basically a vinyl box with highly reflective material on the inside and black fabric on the outside. A tent is a tent for the most part and the variance in quality is minor. Some of the best brands that make grow tents are A.C. Infinity, Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer and Vivosun

They either have snap click poles or plastic corners and the only thing I recognize as poor for some tents is snagging zippers or mylar that splits into layers. Now, Always assemble the tent in the room your placing it in because most tents won’t fit through standard doorways. I always end up assembling the top and bottom square sections of the frame first and then add the four vertical poles to connect them. The most important thing – is to make sure all poles are in all the way, so make sure they click, or you apply a ton of pressure is they’re plastic corners.

Depending on the height of your room, you may have to assemble the frame it in its upright position.

Once your frame is assembled, you want to roll out the cover on the floor with the reflective side facing up and slide the frame into the tent.

If you have a lot space, the easiest way to do this is by placing the frame on top of the longest side of the tent, going inside the frame and pulling all of the other sides of the cover over the frame. It will be difficult and you may have to pull really hard.

If it feels impossible, chances are some of the poles are not as tight as can be, so double check. Once the frame is covered, stand the tent upright and install the spill tray.

Each corner of the spill tray is either secured with velcro or tied to a vertical pole on the corner and gravity will naturally let it fall down. Last thing to do, is put your hanging poles in and you should have two, one with a taller hook on the end.

To install them put the one with a smaller hook up on a diagonal above the two side poles, rotate it until both hooks are over the frame. Then do the same for the other hanging pole, so those two poles intersect. These can be used to hang your ventilation system which we will get to later.




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