I’m at the beginning of week 8 in bloom and I wake up to do my routine feeding only to discover nanners on my pinkleberry kush.

What a waste of time that this turned into a hermaphrodite.

I attempted to try to manually remove all of the individual pollen sacs but I gave up because it was worse than trim jail.

I ended up chopping the whole entire plant down and disposing of it because I didn’t want to have it contaminate any of my other plants.

What a bummer!!!

If you don’t know, Bananas or “nanners” are male sex organs that grow on cannabis buds if your plant suffers from stress or at times from genetics.

These organs are undesirable because they can release pollen, which will end up pollinating your female plants, resulting in seeds being produced instead of higher quality buds.

Jeweler’s Loupe 🔍

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